What this means for us

It is the goal of our organization to make a contribution towards bringing Europe closer together, especially in times of crisis, while at the same time demonstrating Europe’s diversity, innovative power and creativity.

5 Reasons for Europe

1 Peace

Never before has peace reigned in Germany for so long. All over Europe, people are striving to live together in peace, cooperation and integration, not only the political but also on a personal Level.

2 Economic strength

Europe is the largest economic area on the planet. Altogether, the European member states are the biggest exporters and importers of goods and Services.

3 Cultural diversity

No other region is home to so many different cultures in all their dividing and also uniting elements. It is precisely this diversity of languages, religions, customs and traditions that gives Europe its unique identity.

4 Freedom

Today we take it for granted that travelling to other countries should be uncomplicated, although in the past this was not at all the case. It is now possible for Europeans to travel, live, work and study almost anywhere in Europe. This gives everyone, in particular the younger generation, a chance to become acquainted with other countries and their cultures..

5 Innovation power

In the future Europe will remain the most important center of innovation, as many important ideas for new technologies originate here, innovations that are applied all over the world. Due to its pioneer role in terms of climate protection, Europe will also remain a popular tourist magnet as a “clean continent”, a role that will continue to grow. And thanks to its strong currency, Europe will always be an important financial center..