YOUROPEAN e.V. is a pro Europe non-profit organization, founded on 01.10.2011. We want to “hold up” the European flag – but without any finger-pointing. We want to use art-related, high-visibility events, in collaboration with young Europeans, to arouse more interest in Europe. Additionally, it is our goal to initiate a dialog on the value of Europe with people from as many countries and social classes as possible. YOUROPEAN is a politically and economically independent association that does not strive for profit or gain.

Über uns zwischen den Texten

The initiators of the association are Bodo Bimboese, communication specialist (Frankfurt), Klaus Moessle, lawyer (Frankfurt), Mathias Willvonseder, artist (Copenhagen) and Mike Krebs, film producer (Buchschlag). Our first members come from numerous different European countries, including Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain and also Russia.